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Happy 9th Birthday dA by stampingqueen Happy 9th Birthday dA by stampingqueen
My entry for the coloring contest. It was fun to do. I am blown away by all the other entries. I wish I had not looked at them before I did mine. I am NOT worthy! :giggle:

It is the thought that counts though and I wanted to add my piece to the mix. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful community. I never feel like I am not a real artist here. Even when I was doing my very first pieces there were people who encouraged me and made me keep trying. To all of them and to all the wonderful staff and admins and volunteers of dA I say,"Thank you for making this place the absolute best community online." You guys are the best!
PaperDreamerArt Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009   Digital Artist
I missed this contest! Your entry is just as beautiful as all the others! But it's always great to be a part of a contest, whether you win or lose :)
stampingqueen Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :) I tried so hard to see something. ANYTHING in this jumble of shapes and lines. I saw some amazing concepts in the contest. I mean people saw some wonderous things in all these shapes and I felt so odd because all I saw were shapes. When someone else colors it I see other images, but when I try to figure it out there is nothing there. I am happy with the result, I jsut feel like in this instance my creative gene is defective a bit :giggle: Or maybe I need glasses LOL!
PaperDreamerArt Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009   Digital Artist
You're very welcome :iconoak-elfglitter:
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August 8, 2009
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